Thursday, August 23, 2007

Challenge day 2

As always I had a good start with again a new challenge. I managed to bring my BR to stunning 7.31$. Way ahead of plan! Let's see how long I can continue with these winning sessions.

In the past 2 days I have played 177 hand on the micro limit ring games and made a profit of 5.19$. Does not sound much but it actually means that I have tripled my BR, which sounds more impressive.

Time for some Pt stats! Still meaningless with only 177 hands played.
VP$IP: 18.64%
PFR: 6.78%
73.31 BB/100 hands
Went to SD: 25.64%
Won at SD: 80%
AF: 1.16

Made the biggest profit with QQ. Had them twice and they were good for 2.32$. AQo at the second place with a winning of 0.79$ (5 times).
Lost 0.10$ with 42o.

Good luck at the tables,

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