Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Set 4 completed

80 SNGs far in my 200 SNG challenge.
Set 4 was OK. 6 times ITM, only one win. Four times bridesmaid and one third place. Meaning a profit of 11,85$. Not bad, I guess but I feel that I should do much better. Or is this my best? We will see.In total I cashed now 175$. In total I have a profit of 32$ now. With this money I try to fund my RTR MTTs. O man, these are so much fun to play. I really like these. So, that is my biggest motivator. Cause if my bankroll is below 50$ I should not play these tourneys. At the moment my BR is at 52.24$. And I'm only 83 FPP away from clearing my deposit bonus.

Yesterday I went tilt on Ultimate. Lost my complete BR. Had 2 deposit a new 20$. Still 30 rake hands to go before I can receive my bonus on Full Tilt. Will shot down stars for this evening and will reach this requirements.
BR @ Ultimate: 21.03$. Yes a small profit of 1.03$.


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