Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New lay-out, new stats, new start?

As you can see I have changed the colors of my blog. This setup should be much more relaxing for the eyes. Also the problem with the always smaller font is solved thx to the guys and girls at the bloggerforum.

The bad luck of the week is the fact that I lost my excel sheet with my stats. There were only stats from one month but still. Luckily I still have some tooling to fall back on.

So what does the tooling tell me.
a) I'm better at higher stakes SNGs. (With higher stakes I mean 5 and 6$ SNGs)
b) I'm playing my worst ring game poker.
c) This is the top 3 of the starting hands with which I lost the most money:
* 3rd place: The meaningless 33. Had it 4 times in 374 hands and causing a loss of 3.45$. Twice I tried to limp in and bailed out when a raise came post flop and not making the set. And another time I blacked out and called an all-in with this stupid 33 running into AA.
* second place: KK Raised 4 times the BB. Got a caller. Flop J25 rainbow. Raised all-in post flop running into pocket 4s.
* TT: Only once. All-in post flop running into AA.

Good luck at the tables,

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pokertaswegian said...

I like the new look mate. Keep grinding away. Are you reading any poker books atm?

The 80th Minute said...

No poker book at the moment. But I should finish "Poker For Dummies". Cause my ring results are scary!

Spunksock said...

I like the blog colour scheme too. Beats mine, I got a bit carried away with the colour thing the other day and it got a bit out of control...
I wouldn't worry about your ring game stats, its such a small sample size. "TT" is my favourite hand, so hang on in there with it :-)
Are you going to invest in poker tracker? It seems you take an active interest in your stats, I'm sure you'd love it.

The 80th Minute said...

I'm doubting between PokerTracker and PokerOffice. Not sure which one will win.

_Kronsdat said...

I have been using Office successfully. It doesn't seem to be as widely popular as Tracker but I have found it to do a good job and you can overlay the table with the stats without having to get additional programs as you seem to have to do for Tracker.

Good luck.


Anonymous said...

I like the new blog layout Drem, good work.

Has your site been hi-jacked by a pop-up or do you allow it? On refreshing the site A popup took over your page, something about "learning texas holdem is brought to you today by" (or similar) If you didnt know thought I would make you aware mate.

The 80th Minute said...

I have discovered it also. Don't think that my blog has been hijacked, I assume it has to do with adbrite.
I'm investigating it!
Thx for the info.