Friday, December 09, 2016

November recap

November was my first complete month back at the online poker tables.
Well how did I do?

Played 95 SNGs.
Profit/Loss: +$8.55
ITM: 23.16%
ROI: 6%.

18 seaters $1.5:
Played 63 SNGs.
ITM: 22.22%
ROI :-12.04
Avg result: 8.71

45 seater $1.5:
Played 32 SNGs.
Profit/Loss: +$19.93
ITM: 25%
ROI: +41.52
Avg result: 23,63

Not really what I did expect. The most important thing is that I did made a profit and that I did enjoy myself.
On the 45 seater field I content. Made a profit and a more than decent ROI. The sample size is not big enough to make real conclusions, but the start is there.

On the 18 seater field it is a real disappointment. Not enough cashes, not enough wins. Only 3!!! I did had my share of bad luck, my KK for example never won!!! Aces were cracked.
Not all of these bad results can be related to loosing races of getting one outers against, but to be honest at least 15 or 20 games, were just played badly.

Also came pretty close to achieving Chromestar but missed it by 5 or 6 SNGs. I could have achieved it, but this would have meant that I should have skipper my biweekly live game.

But now I do have a benchmark and can work from there.
The idea is to improve on the 18 seater tables and aiming for the same results on the 45 seater.

Next post will be about the first set of 100 18 seaters.

Good Luck,

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