Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Hi World,

I'm a starting Texas Holdem Poker Player. I wanted to share my experiences with the rest of the world.

First something about myself. I'm a 29 year old functional analyst. Always loved the atmospere within casinos. Visited already a lot of them, luckily I always can control my budget. I can go to the casino and set a maximum amount of money I want to play with. Luckily I have to power within in me, to stop when I lost all my money, which luckily rarely happens. I can also go to casino's without playing, just browsing around, checking out the players and be amazed how people throw away their money.

When I play it is always with a pretty small budget. Definitely the casino won't go bankrupt if I win and I wouldn't have lost more money than spending a night at a pub.

Started playing on the roulette, like probably most people do. Then started shifting to low limit black-jack tables to end at the Caribbean stud poker tables. I love the game, unfortunate the most casinos in my surrounding have a pretty high ante compared to my budget.

I also like to participate in sport fantasy games. It makes watching sports even more fun!!

A week ago, I started playing holdem poker on a website for real. This was my first mistake. I know the rules of the game, but it is better to start browsing on the web for tips and good starting hands. This is the first thing you have to learn. If you know the good starting hands, you can latter on learn what to do with them if you are in early or late position on the table.

For the moment I have played 3 free roll tournaments of around 12000 players. The first time I ended up around position 6000, which I is considered not bad for a first try, without checking several websites. Reading some articles paid off immediately, I ended 1214th. The third one was a night mare, whit sloppy play, calling and raising with the wrong cards. ended up around the 10000th place. :)

Yesterday, I have played 3 single tables tournament. The first one was bull's eye. Finished first!! I was very disciplined and could control my rush to call even but bad starting hands, luck did all the rest. The 2 other tournament were a disaster! Again I lost my discipline and wanted to play to fast. Never less, in total I won half a buck :) (It were 2$ tournament with a 0.5 subscription fee. the first play was worth 8$.

This brings me to maybe the most important rule of all Casino games. Don't let your play be controlled by emotions, but discipline yourself to only play with good staring hands.


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