Monday, November 19, 2012


Did only play 15 SNGs last week. Due to time constraints, bad mood and the SNG results.
Only one cash in these 15. I'm ashamed. I know that loosing streaks are there and always hope to postpone or dodge them, but it did hit me hard. Some of these looses \re the results of bad choices but in my eyes most of them due to bad beats.

5 bad beats: rockets vs AK, queens vs AJ (lost against a flush with 4 whole cards), tens vs nines, AQ vs A9 (9 on the river) and another one which I cannot recall.
Ran 3 times into rockets.

Happy that I did decrease my play and found some motivation to turn these around this week.
The results of last week in figures: played 15, a loss of $15.38, a ROI of -%68.38 and a miserable ITM% of 6,67.

Brings my monthly stats on:
41 played, 17.07% ITM, -18.83% ROI and a loss of $11.58.

It only can get better!


Monday, November 12, 2012

Looking back at week 45

Strange title if you consider that my blog was in hibernation but I decided to follow the week number of Outlook.

Well I mad a profit, period. A miserable one but a profit. Played 26 SNGs (only the 18 seater $1.50 turbo) and only managed to cash in 6 out them. Luckily 3 of those were wins. The other 3 dived over 2, 3 and 4 place.
Giving me a ROI of only 9.74% and a profit of $3.8.

I'm happy with the 3 wins but disappointed with the ITM%, which is only 23%. The aim is around 30%.
I do have the feeling that I did play a little bit to much. I should try to stick to 4 each evening.

Overall I'm not at a ROI of 23.93%, a profit of $19.74 and a ITM % of 27,27. But this is with only 55 SNGs. So way to early to make conclusion.

Due to the transfer of my Full Tilt account (had to do this cause Full Tilt is not legal in Belgium, while Stars is) my FPP increase to above 600. So halve way there.

@dD: Thx for the warm welcome back!

Cu next time,

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Here we are again

Just a post to inform the world that I'm back on the pokertables.

Started with playing some SNG's last month. Just the 18 seater turbo $1.50 SNGs. Trying to build up some bankroll so that I can upgrade the ante to $3.50. Currently the bankroll is just a little above $47. So a long way to go.

I don't have any goals besides going bankrupt and crazy. I have a little goal to buy some golf related stars item from the VIP shop. Also a long way to go.

We will see where it ends.

I don't have the intention to write on daily base on this blog anymore. With 2 kids, a wife, work and other hobbies this isn't feasible. I will try to update my stats at least once a week.

The stats of October arn't that great but also not bad. Played 29 of those, with a profit of $15.94 and a ROI of 36,64%.

The goals for November is to achieve an equal ROI. But for the moment the results are bad: Played 9, a loss of -$1.94 and of course a negative ROI of -12.07%. Which makes the challenge even bigger.


Thursday, March 04, 2010

Is the winter sleep of this blog over?

Yes and No.
No, cause I don't have the intention to update this blog on a fixed schedule. I will post when I want to post.

Yes, cause I did start playing poker again! Not much, but now and then I kick off a $2.20 180 seater at Stars. The idea is to play a set of 50 and see how far I do get.
I did deposit $25 in the beginning of the year, but the initial deposit is already banked, together with a small profit. At the moment the bankroll stands on $110.47.

Since the beginning of this year I already have played 7 of them. In 2 of them I did finish ITM. And first and third place.
In stead of keeping detailed stats I will trust on pokerprolabs. You can follow my stats here.

Curious if I can make a profit with these.

The stats at the moment:
Played: 7
ITM: 2
Best result: 1
Worst result: 121
Total money cashed: $150.84
Total profit: $135.44

Yep, you are correct. For once I doing a challenge with the knowledge that I will make a profit due to my great start.


Thursday, December 17, 2009


The tittle says enough!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Back to Stars, Back to SNG

Well I have to admit my defeat. Cash games are not mentioned for me. It took $125 to understand this lesson.
Also a big downside of Doyles is that it is not possible to withdraw an amount below $50.

So it is back to Stars and back to SNGs.
I did convert some FPPs into $11 via a satellite. So that will be my BR to start with.
Let's how far it will bring me. I will start @ the 17 seater @1.75.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A lot to learn

Well ring games are more difficult than I expected. I did know that it wasn't easy, okay, but it never crossed my mind that SNG play will cost you a lot of money at ring games.

In the first week I did play 1849 hands. Most of them @ NL10. The result is shameful. A loss of $49.2. If I add to this the rakeback I did have a net loss of $41.56. Luckely, I made a profit of $6.34 @ NL20.

The second week was a little bit better. Combined with the rakeback and a part of the bonus I did clear I did made a profit of $12.94. But here again the dreadful story @ NL10. 1436 hands played and a loss of $12.94. @NL20 the results were better, played only 83 hands good for a profit of $9.98.

Trying to find my leaks I downloaded a trial version of PT3.
With the small size of hands it is maybe to early to pull some conclusions. But the first one is that I need to play a significant amount of hands from first position. I didn't realize that first position is good for 25% of my losses.
Another rule I did set for myself is that when I increased with 50%, I will leave the table. For some reason or the other I'm capable of building a stack to loose it when a smaller pocket pair made their set. So to prevent this, this rule is in place.

Will let you know on friday how week 3 has ended.