Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mixed feeling

Hi all,

I feel that my game is improving but still I keep making stupid errors!
Played 3 sit-and-go 2$ tournaments:
First run - 5th: lost against a flush. I hope I may catogorise this as unlucky.
Second run - second place. Proud on myself. The last hand, I should have played all-in! I had unsuited 89, while my opponent showed 10Q (also unsuited).
Third run - only 7th: Sloppy play again. Was too hasted at a moment. I know where it went wrong, which is OK, I'm only playing for a week. The moment where it went wrong that I kept calling with a pair of 10's on the table. While the flop brougth a Q. Stupi, stupid, stupid. What was I thinking.

The free roll tournament was over before it began. After 15 minutes playing. I played with 88, one player call. After the turn there were no cards which could hurt me. All low cards, so I raised the bet. The player re-raised and I followed. A 3 is dealt. So still no problems. I check to see how the player re-acts! He raises! So, I was forced (at least in my mind) to play all-in. He follows. The last card is an Ace. He played all-in with 44? Not wise according to me. But he had the straight and I ended not even within the first 10.000! Bugger. Can I call this a bad beat? Don't know.

Tomorrow, will be a poker less night, have to go to a road show.


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