Monday, January 15, 2007

2 SNGs

Played 2 SNGs today. One 2$ + 0.5$ (10 places) in which I ended second. Probably I rushed when I was heads up. We had almost the same amount of chips and I went all in with K10, while he had A9.
The boards show 2 Jacks. So bye bye. Still second place is good enough for 6$, so a profit of 3.50$. This is a lot more than I make with sports betting. It would be a dream making this king of profit each day with sports betting, my first love. (Check-out )

The second one was a 0.9$ + 0.1$. Came in second. Should have won it had him on his knees but I failed. Then with the chip count even. I got an A9 u, so I raise. He re-raised all-in. I decided to call it. He shows K9spades. The flop shows 3 spades. Bad luck I guess cause the river was an Ace.

So my total ante was 3.5$. And my winnings are: 7.35$ So a profit of 3.85$. Not bad for one day. If I'm capable of getting this profit each day of the year my total would be a stunning 1405$. Dreams!!!!!

My bankroll still is equal to my net profit this year is 12.45$. While it is not much and change for most people I'm still proud of it.

Good Luck,
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