Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bankroll is increasing

Played 3 SNGs this weekend.
The first one was a complete nigthmare. With the blinds still at 10/20 I went all in with AK in my hands and an AK on the board. I didn't take notice of the Jack on the board and was beaten with a straight. I knew that I was in problem when I went all-in and 2 players called me. I had beaten the first caller but the other one had to best hand.

The second one was a 6 seater 2$+0.50$. I played very well and was happy when I was still on the table during heads up. I played rock solid. Stealing the blinds, folding my weaker hands and won the game and my highest pot of 7.80$.

The 3rd one was a regular 5 seater 0.90$+0.10$. Was a strange one cause when only 3 of us where left everybody started playing very strict. Still managed to become second and again a pay-out of 1.35$.

My bankroll now is at 23.20$. If I want to win back to car we bougth for my wife yesterday I still have a lot of dollars to go. Something like 19987$. Lol.

I have to admit that reading about Poker is an absolute must. The best way to start is with a book for beginners. Even if you are already playing some time but haven't read a book I would still advice it. Without the book I read I probably had no profit.


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