Friday, April 06, 2007

Already more then 2 weeks without internet and Poker

Started to get fed up with my ISP, but there seems to be progress in the bugfixing of my ADSL line. What a nightmare.
No internet at home and no internet at work (I changed work location but not employer). The internet access at the customer where I will be working for the next 2 years, if everything goes well, is so restricted and monitored that it is not worth the risk, to update this blog or my sport betting blog from there.

I printed a lot of poker guidelines. So, I'm reading at nigth in stead of player poker. I hope that this will benefit my play. So far, I discovered three golden rules which I did not know of.

1. Why do you play Poker?
You should have an answer on this question. I know my answer, but do you know yours. Or should you think about it? The answer for me is simple. I just enjoy playing Poker, I love the thrill about the decision I even love the bad beats.

2. What do you want to achieve with playing Poker?
This one for me is harder to answer. I want to improve my Poker playing capabilities and earn some money. This answer is apparently not good enough. You should set short and long term goals. This is needed cause it will influence your playing style. So within the next internetless week I shall try to set some goals which are challenging but still reachable.

3. Bankroll management for SNGs.
This was something completely new for me. Your bankroll should cover at least 10 buy-ins and preferably 15. This way you can catch up losing streaks, which will come.
A more obvious rule, is to look for PokerRooms with low entry fees on SNGs. They can make a difference how many SNGs you can play with the same money.
And last but not least. Only risk maximum 10% of your bankroll per day! This way if you loose all your SNGs for that day, you will not be blocked by the fear of losing the next day. So for instance if you have a bankroll of 100$, you can play for 10$, meaning for instance 10 SNGs of 0.90$+0.10$. This SNGs can be found on Unibet Poker for instance. A link can be found in the right hand frame.

When I have back access to the internet I will post my short and long term goals.
What are your goals?


2 reacties:

Mark said...

Careful with that bankroll management ;o)

An 'average' player will have a 10 to 15 buy-in downswing once every 500 games or so.

There are actually 2 camps here - the 50 buy-in crowd and the 100 buy-in crowd. I am in the latter group for a couple of reasons... #1 - I NEVER want to think about bankroll when playing and having a big roll helps... #2 - I'm a bit of a nit!!

Hope your poker break is useful, had a break last month and it was all good.

Cheers, Mark

Kieran Walsh said...

hi mate, linked you on mine like you asked. Can you do the same?