Friday, June 22, 2007

First Deposit Bonus chase on PokerStars

I’m now playing for around 10 days on Pokerstars. I was attracted by the PokerRoom cause of its big name and the fact that most reviews say that the level of the average player on PokerStars is higher than is most other rooms.
Now this is the second where I make an own money deposit. The first one was Unibet Poker, where I played 5 months with my 5$ deposit. L

Also I was attracted by the first deposit bonus, which would double my money. Also nice to get some free cash! But….I didn’t realize that it is going to take so much time to collect enough FPPs to collect enough FPPs.
Cause my deposit was 40$, I need to collect 400FPP.
After 10 days of playing I collected 47 FPPs or 11,5% of the required total. PokerStars gives you enough time to collect the limit. Around half a year. The problem is that without even a Bronze VIP level (Requires 2000 FPPS/month) the increase of my FPPs is fucking slow! A quick calculation tells me that my average is 4 FPPs/day. With more than 150 days left, it is very well achievable.
Again a quick calculation: 150 days to go, 353 FPPs more required means 2,5 FPPs each. In my case meaning 3 SNGs/day.

So now we run into problems.
1) There are days where I easily play 4 to 5 SNGs but also days that my laptop even isn’t switched on. So let’s say that I will play 100 days in stead of 150. Result 3,5 SNGs each play day. And this is a lot. An option would be to play multiple SNGs at a time. But this would probably destroy on my ROI.
2) Let’s assume that there is plenty of time to collect the remaining 353 FPPs then there is the fact that I should end ITM enough. At the moment everything is going fine. For the first time in 10 days I ended up in red figures. Yesterday I had a loss around 4$. Probably my loosing streak is started by this or it is coming closer. Remember it does not matter how good you are, everybody will face a loosing streak one day or another.
3) If I want to collect this bonus. PokerStars is the only room where I should play but I also want to try Full Tilt or the rounders at Unibet Poker. For these rounders you pay an entry fee of 5$ and a rake of 0.50$. There are 5 rounds. In the first round the first 2 get a ticket for the second round. Number 3 till 10 are eliminated and have to buy a new ticket for round 1. In round 2 to 4, number 1 and 2 get a ticket for the next round and number 3 and 4 get a ticket for the same round again. Number 5 till 10 are eliminated and have to buy a new ticket again. Round 5: The final table is where the money is. Out the top of my head. Number gets 5000$, number 2 gets 4000$, number 3 gets 3000$, number 4 gets 2000$ and last and also least gets 1000$ (The prizes can be incorrect). Number 6 to 10 have the honour that they reached level 5, but will not get any money and have to be a new ticket again. (If you want to try it, I think that you will obvious see the Unibet banner on the right of the screen J).

So, this means a new goal for me. I will be very glad if I can collect my deposit bonus without having to deposit any fresh money to my PokerStars account. It does not matter if I win my last FPP with the last money in my account, cause that would mean that I played for free in the last half year J Which is better than loosing money.

Cheers and Good Luck,

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