Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bad streak, bad beats, bad play

Not going very well with my challenge. So far 8 SNGs played.
And nothing, nada, zip.

Luckily I won 0.06$ with a freeroll last night. Nope, the . stands at its correct place.

I registered for a 50$ No deposit bonus on Full Tilt. I'm sure I'm going to get it cause the site which is offering it, never let me down. That can be start of new bankroll. Lol
Anyway if you are also interested goto YourPokerCash.

Good Luck,

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Nick and Tiffany said...

Good luck, I love playing different types of poker but I am not good at any of them, nor do I know much of the correct language for things like in Texas Holdem I don't know what the "river" is? :-)
Any way good luck