Monday, July 16, 2007


For once this post will be a long one. Don't be discouraged by the
length of the post to read it all!

First things first. It was a good holiday. The weather could be better
but it was away from all the normal routines.

On Sunday I played some Poker again. Got twice ITM in the 1,75 18
seater. Lost some money with the bloggernament from which I should stay
The competition there is to strong for me. Last night I took a big
gamble by going all-in with 1 more club to go for the flush after the
flop. Was called immediately with top pair kings. And no rescue on the
turn and river. Like it should be to be honest.

My bankroll at Stars is very low again. Around 5$. So the question is
what to do next. It gives me the opportunity to play 3 more 1,75 18
seaters. But a big chance that it will end there.
I know that I'm not the best poker player in the world and for sure not
the least but I keep losing money.
There is only 50$ left in my online bankroll, stashed away from all the
poker rooms. I need around 20$ for the next football season. So, only
30$ and
I don't have the direct intention to do a new deposit.

One of my goals was to clear the Deposit bonus at stars. But that has
become extremely hard. I now have collected 50% of the required FPPs.
Reaching the requirement would mean a 40$ recovery from my losses. But
I'm 75$ in the red! Okay it can be worse. Last Thursday I have seen
somebody loosing 12.000 euros at the roulette at the Casino in
Middelkerke. Shocking!

Maybe this is an indication to quit with playing online poker! There is
no use in keep funding something if there are no signs of improvement.
Whoow this sounds depressive, which I'm not in general :).

So, the following options remains:
1) Stop with playing poker, deposit 20$ in my sportsbetting account and
deposit the remaining 30 on my regular bank account
2) Deposit another 20$ on Stars, 20$ on my sportsbetting account and 10$
on my Unibet Poker account.
3) Deposit 30$ on my stars account and the other 20$ on my sportsbetting

The Pros and the Cons:
1) This probably will not be to chosen option. I love to play poker, I
love write about poker on my blog! I just hate it when I play like an
absolute donkey. Maybe it should change my nick to Paedocyprisis (more
info can be found on
2) This will give me the chance to play around 12 18 seaters. That is if
I never get ITM. But if this is the case, then option 1 is sequel. Also
there are maybe more stupid fishes than me in the Unibet Pound! The
downside is that I probably never will reach the deposit bonus criteria!
3) Gives me more chance to get the deposit bonus which I'm chasing. But
O man, what will it be hard. This means that I should play 200 of these
SNGs. 200 SNGs means a bankroll of 350$ (swallow). Meaning that in each
set of 15 SNGs I should at least have the following results. 2 second
places, 2 third places and 2 fourth places. Giving back 32$. Is this
feasible? We will see.

Option 3 it will be!

So here we go with the new challenge.
The rules where I have to stick to!
1) Don't play to loose, don't play to loose, don't play to loose.
2) Stick with this type of SNG!!!!! Forget the great bloggernament, 1$
100$ added MTT, and all the other ones.
3) If I loose 2 SNGs back 2 back, it is done for that session.

Will the miss the bloggernament for sure. If my bankroll reaches 50$
again, I will try it again.
Thx for all the encouraging comments.
And special thanks to Scott ( for
pimping my blog!


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