Friday, October 05, 2007

Almost weekend

It’s time for a decent blog post again.
It’s hard after the holiday to pick up the regular life again. Going back to work, playing poker and above all to get to the normal sleep rhythm.

I have read some poker blogs during the Uefa cup games of last night. Some of them are getting really great result other have great posts etc… not ashamed to tell that I envy some of you guys and girls out there.

If I had Dremeber awards like UKGatsby posts at the end of each month and I would have an award for the dumbest move of the month, it is already decided and the month is already 4 days far. Yesterday evening I was multi tabling 2 ring games at Tilt. Being patient like I should play with my micro BR. Suddenly I see that on the table on the left I finally got the mighty AA. In my happiness I move over my mouse pointer to left table to activate it but at the same time Bruges missed their so many chance. Not fully concentrated I click to see in my astonishment that I folded the hand. How dumb can you be.

My poker mind is also not what it should be. To much swings in my playing style and patience. There are sessions which I play like I should do, other session I seem to be an unguided rocket chasing everything it sees and making multiple decisions at the same time. As a result I only have a $1.5 profit for the month on the ring games and a $4 loss on the SNGs/MTTs.

In contrast with my mind described above, I think that I know what I will do with the money I can clear at Full Tilt. I will buy PokerTracker. This will make my life a lot easier with recording my stats. Now I still have to work with a stupid excel sheet. The only thing which is holding my back is the price of the tool.

Tonight I will be playing in the RTR league game once more. This will be my third participation in the league. At the moment I’m standing at the 21st place. With only 2 league games to go it is still not decided who is going to win the first season. Three still have a chance on the title. Acornman (Zagga) is in the driving seat with a 5 points lead over rickyrose. On third place we find dB (ResdentEvil) with 194 points. If he would have played in all 8 previous match days he for sure would have at least 10 points more.
Let’s look at the ranking from a different point of view, namely the profit view.
8 players made a profit so far in the RTR league. Leading this profit ranking is surprisingly Dana (Buffy78) with a profit of 42.50$, just behind her (I guess) we have dB (ResdentEvil) with a profit of $42. At the bottom of the ranking we find The_Cloud (the_cloud71) and Mair38 with a loss of 44 bucks. But sheers to these 2 players cause they participated in all of the league games together with rickyrosa, Acornman (zagga) and hammerheid.
My participation tonight will only be for the statistics. Don’t have the idea that I will end ITM but maybe I can influence the standing at the top.

Some other useless information about the RTR league:
So far 30 players have played at least one match day.
On average there were 13 participants per match day.
The average price pot per match day was 65.62$.
5 players have played all the league games.
30% of the field only showed up once. 2 of these players ended ITM.
RickyRosa won the most money (80.50$) which is 15% of the total price money.
The total price pot so far is: 525$. The 5 players who played on the league games have put 200$ in the price pot equal to 38% of the total.

Good luck at the tables,

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Anonymous said...

honest drem, we do read regularly !

love the stats ... he he he



aka ResdentEvil

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