Thursday, October 25, 2007

My BR is melting like snow for the sun

Yep, it is not going good with me. Even so bad that I decided last night to withdraw some money from my Stars account. On the positive side the BR which I have at Stars at the moment is pure profit.

The problem is that now my BR is under pressure. Only a miserable $70 left. So I have to pick my SNGs wisely. Currently I'm investigating in which SNGs I make the most profit. My top SNG at the moment is the 5$ 45 seater but my BR doesn't allow me to play these. So probably I will go for the 1,75$ 18 seater or even lower but first I will give it another shot to qualify for the Sunday 100K via the 2.20$ 45 seater. I will give myself 5 chances not one more and not one less. I should be capable of qualifying at least once but I also had that idea yesterday!

Yesterday was the drop which cause the overflow of the bucket. Played 7 SNGs and not even close to the money once. Partly due to bad decisions but mainly cause by being card dead and running into monsters.

It is strange when everything is running fine with poker you have the idea that you are a real poker god, when it runs bad like now my respect for my fellow bloggers who are actually making a decent profit each month grows respectivly.
It is like I lost the feeling with the table and completely forgot the basic rules of good poker play.

Good luck at the tables,

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Rod said...

7 and not close to ITM. OUCH.

One thing you might be doing is not being patient enough and not letting others get busted first.

Just because you are in the 10BB range does not mean you have to panic.

Plus you SHOULD be stealing more often by pushing all in againts the tight players.

BUT - I play single table games so . . . . . .take it with a grain of salt.