Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cash games and Neteller sucks

I have signed up via RTR on Littlewoods, thx to RTR I got a nice rakeback deal. Besides that I can collect some deposit bonuses.

I deposited 30 GBP, which is around 61$. And if I clear 500 MPP they will give me a bonus of 100GBP. The first 25 GBP will be released when I have reached my first 185 MPPs. Already cleared 20% of this step.

But it is not all positive news. When I tried to open the account I discover that they did not support MB, which is my preferred online bank. So, I tried to open up a Neteller account.
When I tried to deposit some money it was unclear to me if I could deposit money with my MC. So I opened up the online support. Result, Neteller does not allow a deposit with MC from Belgian residents. WTF, MC is family of VISA, which was supported. So I decided to close my Neteller account. There is no use in having one if I can not fund the account. Maybe I will open it up later again if I can withdraw some money from Littlewoods.

Also I won my first big cash hand.
Decided to call with my KJs from first position. The flop was a dream flop giving me the set of Jacks. Not willing to completly slow play the hand so I raise 0.5$ with one checker in front of me and 6 people behind me to react. 3 of those decide to call.
The turn was even better, giving me the FH. Besides giving me the FH it also gave other flush and straight chances. The see what people where chasing I decided to raise another 0.50$ giving everybody the correct odds to call. To me surprise and delight the first one to react behind me goes all in for 3.60$, to make it even better the other one want to isolate this player and goes all-in for 17.52$. My call was a no brainer.

Good luck at the tables,

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

You should be able to deposit to your Neteller directly from your bank for no extra cost.

It's how I fund mine, when I actually have some cash that is!

The 80th Minute said...

But that have taken ages and I wanted to play the RTR league game. Better shouldn't have done that!

Unknown said...

Loved the cash hand. Particularly given the other two both had monsters as well LOL!!! Nice work

Anonymous said...

Im going to check that one out. Littlewoods via RTR. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


I looked it up but i think you have to make 1500 MPP'! for 100 Pounds. 375+375+750 via RTR.