Thursday, January 31, 2008

January 2008: Round up

The first month of the year is passed. Many of us will be looking back to see if January was according to expectations, are the challenges still possible to fulfil, etc… And so will I.

First thing first, I made a profit so that’s fine but it should have been a bigger profit. It didn’t turn out this way due to a big downswing between the 20th and the 27th. Also went Tilt once, which is never good.

I made a profit and cashed $25. The banking was inspired by my Tilt. It thought and still think that it was better to bank some money, so that I couldn’t loose it. And for me $25 is a lot, it increase my online bank account with more than 10%. So everything is relative.
I did win 5 SNGs and my ITM% was good, very good (40%). The problem was/is that I’m ending to much in 3rd place. Resulting in a miserable ROI. I will have to work on this.
The biggest downer is that at peak moment my BR at Titan was above $130, ending at $60 (after banking $25). On the positive side, after my tilt the BR was below $25.

A complete different story on LW. I made a profit but this is mainly cause I cashed twice in a RTR premier league. But most of this profit was lost on the cash tables. No I was not playing above my roll, I played the cheapest cash tables at LW, which are the $0.03/0.06. I just suck at them. Stijn from did point me on some leaks in my game. It appears that I’m playing more hand from UTG than from on the button. How fishy is that. Also ashamed that I didn’t look at that myself. Stijn, thx for the eye opener(s).
At the moment, the “Double your money” SNGs appears to be a small cash cow for me. Probably this has ended now cause I wrote it down. Murphy’s law.
Which is also a downer is that more than 50% of my profit at LW is the rakeback gathered in December of last year. But this proofs that Rakeback also can be the way to go, for microlimit players. At least if you have a good RB deal.

The bloglisting:
I removed some blogs from the bloglisting cause those blogs didn’t exist anymore or it appeared to be a webpage. At this moment there are 94 blogs listed and the list is still growing. So, if you are not on there move your ass and list your blog at the “Best amateur Poker Bloglisting”. Thx!

February 2008:
For once I’m not going to set profit targets for next months. Or let me rephrase this, I’m not going to write them down and I will not try focus on it. In stead of concentrating on a profit target I should focus in trying to decrease the leaks in my game.
I will try to play much more cash hands and focus in stead of the profit or the loss on stats like VPIP and stuff like that.
I’m also thinking to first try to build a bigger BR cushion with the Double your money SNGs and play the cash tables with the profit I hopefully make in these.

Good luck at the tables,

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Good luck for the rest of the year.