Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Looking back

I took time to read some of the earliest blog posts of this blog.
To be honest I like my blog now more than back in the dark days. One of the reason of existence of this blog was to ventilate frustrations but I did not expect that 80% of my posts back then where negative. Apparently I almost abandoned the ship twice but I'm still here.
Also I did make me realize that my poker level improved (a lot). My style is completely different. I can compare this with how I'm now playing at the cash tables, like a complete fish, not knowing what to do.

I even had the idea in the dark days that playing tight in the beginning of SNGs and MTTs was not the way to go.

Yesterday I tried to withdraw almost my complete BR from Titan. For once it has nothing to do with bad beats or negativism. But it feels stupid to play my SNGs on a site where I don't have a rakeback deal and even the deposit bonuses suck for low limit players. So I did intend to play only on Littlewoods. Be playing the same amount of SNGs there, I would easily gather $10 more on rakeback. But Titan did not allow me to clear the money I intended cause I'm still in the deposit bonus mode. Which means that at least my initial deposit has to remain there until the deposit bonus period is over or I clear another 500 FPPs.

So now I'm in dubio. What shall I do. Still keep playing on Titan, which is more or less my cash cow or go ahead with the plan and play solely on Littlewoods?

Time will tell I guess. First I will try some SNGs @ Littlewoods and if the ROI is almost the same, the choice will be easy.

If you can understand dutch it is worth to bring the blog of Claudius a visit. He describe my blog as the following (translated): Dremeber plays on microlimits but takes the game very serious and has lots of nice stats on his blog.
He couldn't be more spot on. Good luck mate.

Good luck at the tables,

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