Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend overview: running bad

Since my win of the RTR premier league matchday 5 my luck has turned. Only one thing pops out as positive and that my third place at matchday 6. This was an amazing comeback. After hand 5 I had only 60 chips left.

But for the rest my results really sucks. My BR at Titan took a steep fall from $150 to $90. It seems that I lost all my poker knowledge and because was so small already it is difficult to find.

In stead of donking away some more money I did something I almost never do. I replayed my last 15 SNGs in PO. The strange thing is that I don’t see any leaks. 90% of the time I’m ahead and the villain are getting rewarded by their foolish calls with runner runner straights, flushes or 2 outers. I know that this is a variance which is kicking in but o man it is such an assault on my confidence. It does not only wipes out my confidence, which was really high, but it also decreases the fun in playing poker, which is my main raison of playing poker.

I know that I will never win a big MTT or making a quadzillions $ of profit. But it would be really nice to see that the board has hit you once in a while. So the same problem at the cash tables. If a see KK or AA in my hole cards and even try to minraise, everybody runs away from the pot, if I do the opposite the same result. Lower pairs will results in to much action at the table. If the board hits me, it is so obvious that somebody has hit the straight of flush.

Luckily I can’t play much poker in the next days. Some days of probably will do my good. I have the feeling that I have to re-invent my game, which I will do in the next days. Still I’m making a profit this month, which is nice and for the first time my BR at littlewoods is bigger than my BR at Titan which I never expected. And if so I was hoping that I won some big pots at Littlewoods but I did not see it coming that this situation is the result of a whooping loss on Titan.

But reading the other blogs of the RTR, I’m not the only one suffering from this. I’m not glad to read those stories but it eases the pain.

Good luck,

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Unknown said...


Dit is Stijn van pokerinfo nogmaals. Als je wil kan ik gerust eens meekijken als je een cash sessie afwerkt en enkele tips geven. Ik ben bijna elke avond online en heb intussen al redelijk wat ervaring op de lage stakes van NLHE 6max.


PS: je kan me gerust bereiken per PM of e-mail. M'n adres is stijn at pokerinfo punt be.

Anonymous said...

unlucky mate it will come back if you gettin it in good each time everntually the variance will swing back in your favour



dD said...

ouch ! you and I must have the same doomswitch.

thanx for the comment, btw, appreciated.



SG - King of the forum ban said...

Dre - Keep at it mate, it will turn. Look at how my blog started, I was ready to jack it in after 2 weeks!! Like Kenn says, if you are getting it in ahead, over time it will pay dividends. I too suffer the confidence drop when running badly, it's almost a bonus when you don't get outdrawn? Believe me mate, when you come out the other side of a prolonged bad spell, you come out a much stronger player. You're trying so hard to keep afloat when things aren't going your way, that when things do go your way, you end up demolishing the competition and suddenly poker becomes 'easy' once again. As for never winning a big MTT? Tosh. Of course you will. You seem to have a fighting spirit, and one that loves to learn. Keep at it fella, it will turn, the results will come :-)