Monday, January 28, 2008

Where did it go wrong?

Long time ago that I tilted so heavily. So time to take a look why I tilted. Luckily I recovered 50% of my tilt losses.

So why did I go into Tilt mode:
- During the past week I lost around 50% of my Titan BR. This without making wrong decisions. the cards were just against me!
- I focus to much on short time results.
- My expected profits are too high. (I know many of you have told me this before)

If you combine this with the following:
- Making my stupidest move of the week during the RTR league game
- playing a GBP5 headhunter waiting on AA or KK. To see that your aces are cracked by a one card flush, pre-flop all-in.

The result of all this is to see Dremeber go into one of his rare tilt modes.

So, it is good to know why you are tilting, preventing this is another.

Maybe I'm playing to much SNGs. The downside of SNGs is that around the bubble almost everybody is into push/fold mode which takes away the fun in poker if you get eliminated before the bubble has popped. Add to that the fact that tight is right in the
beginning of SNGs. So SNGs are kinda boring.
In cash games there is much more freedom and the pre-flop all-in are less frequent.

Which brings me to the conclusion that I have to decrease the number of SNGs per week and increase the cash table hours. Also, I will not set a profit target for once. I will just start fresh with a tight is right principle. Later on, I can still decide to play some more starting hands, but first I need to get back to the golden rule: tight is right.
I also need to make sure that the others are not getting the correct odds, meaning that I have to bet more pre- and post flop if I think that my hand at that time is the best.

Only 4 more days before my deposit bonus period ends at Titan. If I play 3 more $5 SNGs, I will clear another $5. Does not seem a lot, but currently this is 10% of my current BR.

I will give myself considerably more time to complete my 250 5$ challenge. There is no reason to put pressure on this.
Also I should keep a minimal BR at Titan, cause I noticed that if my BR is above $100 my gambling increases. Better to bank more often to keep my BR under pressure which forces me to play wisely. If I think that I'm ready for the $10 I can still refund.

Also I should forget the fact that I have a rakeback deal on Littlewoods. Rakeback should be a bonus and with the stakes I’m playing I really should see it as a bonus. Nothing more nothing less.

And last but not least I may not forget that I’m still making a profit, so why I’am I whining? There are a lot more poker player who are only losing money than there are players who are making a (small) profit.

One question to the world: What is a good ITM% for SNGs. Currently my stats say (over 150 SNGs) that I’m 40% ITM.

Good luck at the tables,

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...


I think you're making a good decision by not setting $$ targets anymore, they keep your focus off playing correct poker. I think it would be wise to post some hands on here for review, it's the best way to get several opinions of which most will likely be the same and correct.

As far as ITM percentages go, I think you're focusing on the wrong thing because the ITM is vastly inferior (is this a correct English word??) to ROI. Your ultimate goal is making monies and therefore it's better to have 30% ITM and 20% ROI than 40% ITM and 10% ROI.

If you want, I'd be very happy to rail you during a cash game session one of these days. I think we could both benefit from this in many ways.


Anonymous said...

tilting always hard to control mate - im much better than i used to be and it helps if you have your bankroll split over a no of sites so if you go mad on Titan you cant loose it all as your covered elsewhere

gl in getting it back to previous level


Rob1606 said...

ITM of 40% is quite decent, but as Stijn said, you really want to look at your ROI. If you can get THAT up to 40%, we're talking!