Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back to Stars

Don't know why. Probably cause I find Ring games to boring and I love the setup of the 180 seater at Stars, so why not try to take one down.
I deposited for 20 attempts to start with but I'm successful at the moment. Played 10 of these today. Best result was a 20th place, so nothing much to brag about. Closely followed by a 24th an 27th place. Needless to say that I find that lady luck is not on my side.
Got rivered out in 5 of my attempts, which hurts and brings my the Jokerstars feeling.

Good luck at the felt,

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Unknown said...

20 Buyins is not a lot by all means, you'll have to get somewhat lucky in order to really make something happening. One very good results is enough to get you started though, good luck!


Sir Nemo said...

heh 20th place isn't so bad man. i got killed at the casino just a few nights ago so I think i'm gonna hold off on poker for awhile since my bankroll is pretty much non-existant.

Anonymous said...

You need more than 20 BI mate unless you have a deep finish.I'd recommend no less than 40 really mate. The worst run I had was not cashing in 17 and it messes with your head i can tell you!

Could you update my link please sir?


Amatay said...

ul mate, keep grinding them tarbles

Unknown said...
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