Sunday, August 03, 2008

Heroes, could come up with a better title!

No not poker Heroes. Last weekend I bought the first series of Heroes and I have to admit that I like it very much. Due to this I'm playing a lot less poker. At the moment I'm focussing at colleting enough PokerStars FPPs to clear my bonus. I have cleared around 15% already. It is going faster than I imagined.

This is probably because I'm playing way above my BR. You can find me most of the time at NL50. I always buy-in for the minimum playing a spandex game, collecting FPPs and making a miserable small profit but it a profit (I believe I wrote this sentence way to much on this blog).
Today for the first time I played the Benelux league game at Stars. This is a daily MTT for a $1 buy-in. First attempt, first cash. I went out in 27th place, the last paid place. Ran out of luck I guess.

I have stopped playing SNGs cause the doomswitch has been set to on!

Going to focus now on the bloggerment!

Good luck at the felt,

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