Thursday, March 05, 2009

I'm back!

LarsSurprise! I'm playing again!
Not frequently, just for fun and without any pressure. And I have to admit I love the game (again).

In stead of playing SNGs I switched to cash games. Why? It is so much easier to start and stop when you want. You don't have to wait until a SNG is filled and you don't have to play until it is over. So it has all to do with time management. The reason can be seen in the picture! :)

For once I did not set goals or targets. I'm not recording my results. Hey I even cash my winnings if their big enough. I cashed $110 in the last week. Not bad for 2 hours play.
I don't follow bankroll management rules, etc... I do play above my limit. Playing NL50. But hey I'm having fun and that's what it is all about! Maybe that's something that we all forget. Fun. We all started cause we liked the game and suddenly, while we still like the game, we start to focus on making money!


4 reacties:

Wildcat said...

Good to see you back! How's the family?

The 80th Minute said...

Everything is going like a dream.

thx cat

Anonymous said...

I knew you'd be back mate and I'm glad you're enjoying playing again. I think that is half the battle, if you like and have fun playing then it takes away the feeling like you're grinding.

GL at the tables

Amatay said...

nice to see you back, gl