Saturday, April 04, 2009

7 card Stud

Yesterday I had to brilliant idea to play some tournaments. Cause I didn't pay attention, I registered for a 7 card stud tournament. Buy-in 8,80 + rebuys. So, I had to learn the rules along the way. And after half an hour, I really like the game. Ended up 12th out of 48 with 7 paid places, when my pocket 4s lost against pocket 2s. For sure, i will play this again!

Also play a regular Texas holdem tournament. And again an excellent result. 166th out of 2250, with 324 paid places.

My BR did take a dive due to some bad luck and probably also some bad play. But I'm still having fun and thats what it is all about for me. I have to enjoy as long as I can before the Belgian government will ban Pokerstars! Probably around Septermber this will happen :(


2 reacties:

Wildcat said...

Can't you get a proxy server or something so it looks like you are playing from another country?

The 80th Minute said...

Doubt that that will work. I assume that stars will have something in place to prevent this. (probably due to prevent double accounts)
Another problem is that they also have planned to penalize the players!