Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Status update

To be honest, it is not going according to plan.
So far, I have played 31 18 seater's and writing red figures. I'm down $1.35. Momentary, I'm running a loosing streak of 8 games. Only 6 times ITM, the good thing is that these are 2 wins and 3 third places.
Strangely I don't have the idea that I'm playing badly, when I'm pushing I'm always the favourite but rarely winning these pushes. When I'm racing I'm always loosing. I can remeber a faulty push where I did ran into a better flush, should have played this hand more conservative.

I'm disappointed however over the final tables I'm reaching. Not even 50%. Work ahead.
So the plan was to get 27 cashes in 100 games. Which is till possible, 69 games left.

But I did add the 45 seater's to my game plan. Each time when I do fire up 2 18 seaters, I also start a 45 seater. Already played 8 of them, 2 cashes, good for a profit of $3,29. So for the moment it was a good choice to add these to the gaming plan.

  Actual Target Completed Left  
Played 31 100 31% 69  
Wins 2 7 28,57% 5 7,25%
Second 3 7 42,86% 4 5,80%
Third 1 7 14,29% 6 8,70%
4th 0 7 0,00% 7 10,14%
Pay-out 45,15 150 30,10% 104,85 1,52

I really need to improve in result, otherwise the challenge will quickly become a mission impossible.


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