Sunday, March 19, 2006

The weekend


Did not have much time po play poker this weekend. Family and sports go first.

On friday I played 3 sit and go 2,50% tournaments.
In the first one, lady luck decided that she would not give me good cards. It the beginning it is no problem, but when the tournament reaches the fourth of fifth round, the small and big blind are stealing you' re bankroll. So, I decided to play all-in with unsuited A J. Unfortunate, my only caller turned 88. I ended up in fifth place.
The second one, I ended up in fourth place. Restricted myself to only play when very good starting hands arrived. Strict playing is OK to learn to play poker but it also kills your bankroll when no good cards show up. And lett's be honnest, it is no fun playing to strict.
The third tournament, I ended up in second place. Tried to mix feelings (observation of the other players) and strict playing.
Conclusion of the set-and-go tournaments:
Financial balance: -2.70$ but I learned a lot. Strict playing is :
- no fun
- It will hurt you' re bankroll if no good cards show up

Last nat not least, I entered my biggest tournament ever a 3,5$ . There were 548 participants. My goal was to reach the last 200. But I did fail. I know were it went wrong. I was dealt JJ. So I raised before the flop with one caller. The flop was an AK and something else. So, there was a great possibility that the caller had at least an AK in his hands. But no I kept following and re-raising. Ended up at place 407, did not deserve to go any further.

Saterday evening I played one 2,5 sit-and-go tournament and I won it. Bringing my balance back to -0.70$. Played a good game, took the right gambles and folded when I had to.


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