Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Super Sunday

Hi World,

Last Sunday was a great day. Not only there was a carnival parade in town but also I played some great poker. For the first time I was chip leader after an hour in a 1$ re-buy no limit tournament.
Unfortunately I had to stop to go to the carnival parade with my nephew. A promise is a promise; no way that poker comes between me and my social life. It was hard to give it away, but hey there are more important things in life!
I ended up in 68th place out of 143 contestants.

On Sunday evening I played in a 1$ fixed limit tournament. There were 705 players. I managed to survive the first two hours and ended up in 26th place. My first bucks won, I can tell you it felt great.

I have the feeling that I'm learning how to steal blinds (with good cars in my hand), how to play to all-in option when the odds are in my favour and also I start to get the feeling what it means when other callers raise. My folds are paying me off :).

Today I participated again in a no limit free roll tournament. 12580 players and again I ended up in a reasonable place. 243rd again 1.5$ added up to my bank roll.

I started out with a bank roll of 50$ and at the moment it is 53.70. Although it are peanuts I'm very proud of my winnings.

Not only I had a good start of the week with poker, I also collected a price with a fantasy game 50 euros. Not bad for an ante of 6,5Euro.


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