Thursday, January 18, 2007


Played 3 SNGs in the last two days. All three of them 5 seaters of 1$. The first one I came in first, the second I cam in second and the last one I got crushed and ended at the 4th place.

On wednesday I got a 5$ bonus from my Pokerroom. A starting bonus. Strange cause my account is more then a year old.

Any way, my bankroll is something about 17,50 at the moment. So cannot complain.

It is strange how more SNGs I played how tighter i'm playing, which is not a good strategy in low level SNGs. But still learning. I will play these 1$ SNGs untill my bankroll hits 25$. After that I will play 1 2.50$ SNG for each 3 1$ SNGs.


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