Thursday, January 18, 2007

My bankroll is over 20$ Yeah!!!

Played 5 SNGs (5 seaters 1$) today.
The first one I ended as second. So I had a little profit of 0.35$.
The second one was maybe my worst SNG which I played this week. Even amased that I ended as 4th.
The third one again second. So at that moment in time I had a loss of 0.30$.

But then the 4the SNG was the jackpot. Played calm sometimes strict, sometimes loose. And won the SNG pretty easy. The only thing I had to do was keep my cool and wait for good cards. The other players at the table were pretty strict, but at I crucial moment in the SNG I got pocket aces, the round after that AKs. Playing such a hand well can make a big different in a SNG.

Because I had a profit now, I afforded myself to play a 5th and came in second again.
So 80% of the SNG I played I ended in the money. My total profit of the night is 2.20$. Which bring my bankroll for the first time over the 20$. (20.05$ to be exact.).

I'm thinking about playing the 1$ SNG a little bit longer than planned. I still learn from it. And probably I should not expect such a ROI on 2.5$ SNGs, so I need a bigger bankroll for that.


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