Saturday, January 20, 2007

Fucked up last nigth

In my rush to going to the pub I played 3 quick SNGs without succes.
In one of them I managed to get 2th but I'm embarresed by the other two.

This drops my bankroll to 18.40$.

Tomorrow probably not a lot of Poker.

Edit: I really fucked up. After coming back drunk from the pub I played 2 SNGs. One was an extreme 2.20$ turbo SNGtournament. Luckely I came in second their and winning .80$. This due to an all-in on the first hand. I had a pocket pair of 8s. One of the other called my with pocket pair of 5s. Luckely I won.

My bankroll is now 18.20$. My VIP points are not increasing fast, cause if the 1$ SNGs.
While this was pure luck, I never should play druink again.

Maybe next week cause I'm forced to go on a business trip. What else can you do in the hotel room.


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