Monday, February 05, 2007

Long time ago

Hi all,

Long time ago that I have posted a post.

Was to busy buying a house and playing poker.

The first thing went fine, the playing poker part. Not so good.

Since my last post I played I opened an account on Titan Poker. So I'm now playing on 2 rooms. Unibet (primapoker network) and Titan. At the moment my overall bankroll is 42.79$.

I have played 41 SNGs since then. The total money at stake was: 63.10$ and the revenue is 44.10$.
I end up 40% of the times in the money. So not so good. But there is a big difference on Unibet I end up 52.6% of the times in the money. So I can say that I'm losing all my money at Titan. Luckely that money was a bonus. But I will try to gain something back.

My biggest achievement was a 33th place in a 2500 seater Freeroll tournament.


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