Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bingo and Micro SNGs

Okay, I admit I'm in the middle of a bad streak. After again 3 lost 1$ SNGs I decided to take some action.

2 possibilities now.
1) Stop playing poker for a few days.
2) Play on the Micro SNGs.

1) I had to find something else to do. So I decided the click on my astrobingo banner to register and claim my free 5 pound. I did not know how much fun online bingo could be. Defenilty worth a try. Just click on the banner in the rigth frame to collect your free money.

2) I played some Micro SNGs. The total cost of such a 10 seater is 0.10$. This makes you play more relaxed. I won one, but the other 4 I didn't end up ITM.
The last one was some much fun. After an hour we were still with 4 people at the table and the stacks were more or less devided. The winner would get 0.45$ and everybody was fighting for the money as if it were 4500$ or something there about. The most enjoyable SNG I played in weeks. Probably also cause I won that one.

My bankroll slipped to a miserable 39.84$.
For the remainder of the week, I will play or Freerolls or the Micro SNGs to break my bad streak.


4 reacties:

RGC2005 said...

Nice start up blog. If you are interested in joining the Blogger Poker Tour (all free rolls) for a shot at a WPT/WSOP/Aussie Millions seat just check out my blog.
Good Luck
ps, isn't poker great?

Unknown said...

He Peter,

Gisteravond me ingeschreven bij Titan, Let's earn some BIG cash now :-)



The 80th Minute said...

He Bert,

Veel succes.

Laat me uw nick eens weten, kunnen we eens kijken als we ne keer tegen elkaar kunnen spelen.


Unknown said...

mijn nick is hjikoul, ik heb wel nog geen real money :-(