Friday, May 11, 2007

My first bonus

Yeah I received my first bonus gained with VIP points at Unibet Poker.
A well deserved 10$!! Woohoo. Just in time. My bankroll is know 11$ so you can imagine how important it was for me.

Also pretty glad how the poker bloglisting is evolving. Around 200 visitors each day. This off course thanks to some of the quality blogs which are on there.
Trying to address some bloggers to join the club but posting something like: feel free to add your blog to the listing. Looks spammy. So I decided to stop with this.
Once each month I will post an advertisement in some open poker groups. Will see how it will evolve from there.


1 reacties:

Pokeking69 said...

hey there, how do i get my blog on that listing thing? it says something bout putting some button on ur blog or something?? whats that about? forgive me but i a bit crap with internet!!

know if i can get any good rakeback on partypoker,pacific/888, william hill or ladbrokes