Thursday, May 17, 2007

Finished my first set of 50 SNGs

I just finished my first set of 50 SNGs at Unibet Poker (part of the Prima Poker network).
I love to play these 5 seater 1$ SNGs. But I had hoped on better results.
Won: 8 (16%)
Second: 11 (22%)
Third: 12 (24%)
Fourth: 15 (30%)
Fifth: 4 (8%)

Meaning a loss of 9.95$. Disappointing. Luckely I reached the 10$ bonus mark with these
SNGs, meaning a profit of 0.05$. YEAH!
I was hoping to end ITM around 50% but I got there only in 38% of the SNGs. The good part is that it open my eyes!

Some positive points:
- Almost in 50% of the cases where I'm ITM, I will win the SNG.
- Only in 8% of the SNGs I was the real fish at the table.

The negative points:
- Only 38% ITM.
- 30% at the fourth place, which was very surprising for me.

I will do a new challenge. Not setting my goals to high I want to get ITM around 40% and make a small profit.

I have now also an account at Ultimate Poker. My nick there is Dremeber76.


3 reacties:

Amatay said...

Hey, nice blog. I'll link you up m8. Cheers.

Stefan Klein said...

returned the favor! gl at the tables. I will check back and watch how you are doing!

Poker Me said...

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