Saturday, May 19, 2007

Won my first 5$ SNG

Don't know what is happening but I'm in the winning mood.

I started my new 50 1$ SNG (5seater) on Unibet and the intermediate results are promising.
I played 9 already. Won 2 of them and got second in 4 others. So 66% ITM. Much better than my first attempt. But know I have to won some more. Last time I won 8 and got in second in 11 occasions. Also had a streak of 6 SNGs ITM. No bad.

On ultimate poker. I played 6 5.50$ SNGs. Got second twice and won once.

Very proud of these results. It is like I'm playing a complete different level of Poker. Curious if I can keep this up. W'll see.

Total Bankroll: 72,86$
Unibet: 12,55$
Ultimate: 60,31$

Cheers and Good luck,

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