Thursday, July 19, 2007

Quick update

I'm I back in the zone? Doubt it but still good results for tonight.

I played 3 SNG op Stars. And yes I got twice ITM (otherwise I wouldn't be posting this).
But wait! It gets even better. It took some time but yes I won one! Long time ago that I ended a poker day on stars with a profit.

Also played 2 SNGs op Ultimate. I yes, also there I stepped down from a table as the WINNER. Not much to brag about cause it was only a 1$ 10 seater. But still also a profit on Ultimate. Made some losses on money tables but I increased my raked hands! And that is the goal on Ultimate.


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Puffet said...

Always good with some wins under your belt - even if its at the $1 table...

Best of luck