Thursday, September 06, 2007

Back on track and even important bonus cleared

I finally cleared my deposit bonus on Stars. A great 40$ which almost doubled my BR. September is looking promising.

Besides clearing my deposit bonus I also recovered some of my losses of yesterday. Yesterday I lost a fucking 8.09$. Can only blame myself. Playing way to loose. Probably cause I only played on one table. So I shouldn't do that again.
The profit of today was 6.44$. I was playing 2 tables and railing Cogs in the 4$ 180 seater. Bad luck mate. Your all-in move pre-flop was correct with AQs but his call with pocket sevens also (based on his stack).

Still no confirmation about the holiday. Was hoping to get the confirmation today but I guess the travel agency was closed cause the mother of my aunt (who's running the agency) passed away last night. So I can fully understand that there were more important things in their lives. And if we don't get the confirmation, we will book another one.

Current BR: just above 87$.

Good luck at the tables,

4 reacties:

Anonymous said...

Well done Drem.

You have done extremely well to build yourself back up to your current bankroll! Keep it going mate.



Rob1606 said...

Seems you will soon need a new challenge :-)

MrPink72 said...

Congrats on clearing the bonus and it is only the beginning of september. Keep it up and have a great vacation.

Kenn said...

nice mate keep it going