Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Hi all,

Nothing much to report. Tomorrow morning at 5.55 our plane to Malaga will have its take off.
Than 8 days of fly and drive and 3 days relaxing at the beach in Marbella.
Plenty of chances enough to bring my Spanish classes in practice.

So I would be playing poker until Saturday the 22th of September. Which will not harm me I guess. Now my BR is above 100$ I find it difficult to play at the 2c/5c ring games and I know that I will be slaughtered at the higher stakes. So I'm playing SNGs again, mixed with some MTTs.
My best results of the past few days where for sure my 4th place in Bloggerment 25 (which was won by Mair, congrats) and my first place in a 1.10$ 45 seater at Stars. Also should have ended ITM in a 180 seater. But after the second break I gave some chips away to be bubbled out with AK and a K on the flop. To bad the villan had the other to Ks.

My current BR is now at 107$. So there is a big chance that I will end September above 100$. The question is what to do next. If I withdraw 60$, I have recovered all my stakes at Stars. But then my BR will be crippled again and I'm not confident enough that I can save my BR again. Probably I will withdraw everything above 100 at the end of the month and then setting a new challenge. I my BR drops below 100, I will withdraw something around 25$, to bank some of my winnings. I can deposit this again when Stars has a new deposit bonus or try another rooms with a RB deal. Well see.

I know that u all will be sad that there will not be any updates on this blog for the next 2 weeks but plenty of good blogs in my link section or on RTR.

Good luck at the tables,

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Anonymous said...

Have a great time drem!

All that sunshiiiine...... lucky sod!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Have a safe journey mate, relax, recharge your batteries and come back and destroy the fishes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mate,

Can you drop an email regarding a genuine (non-spam) biz proposal to michael.needham@icap.com.

Many Thanks