Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I guess I'm breaking my loosing streak. It is to soon to already profit from my SNG analysis but still. I'm playing much more relaxed with never ending patience.

Played 3 SNGs in the past two days.

SNG1: 9th
The result looks awful but his quads where so well hidden. Never expected that. Still I should avoiding going all-in in the first 20 hands without having an absolute monster. Lesson learned I hope.

SNG2: second
Lost heads up when my pockets 33 already where beaten on the flop when a 7 gave him the higher pair. He called with 87s.

SNG3: Third.
Lost against a pocket pair of Jacks. Cannot complain about my play just didn't get the cards.

As you can see I also updated my template again. I changed the background from a well known template. I hope you can see the spades and hearts symbols. Hope you like it.

Good luck at the tables,

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see the results improving mate.

Could you please link up my new blog?




Anonymous said...

Hiya hun, thanks for the comment on my new blog :)

I know how hard it is to redesign, im still finding my way around wordpress and its a nightmare.

If you have some ideas on a new banner, why not email me some images, backgrounds and what you would like on your header and i can throw a couple things together for you see if you like them.