Sunday, November 25, 2007


Not running well. Don't what is hitting me. I even tried some money tables with some small success!

My tournament stats from the previous post:
7 played and only 2 ITM.
Even one 10th place and 2 9th places. Results to be ashamed on.

SNG 1: 4th.
Card dead!

SNG2: 10th place.
Not even worth discussing.

SNG3: 4th place.
Doubled up only after 51 hands. When my A8 was good enough against K10. Got cripled in hand 67 when I decided a call an all-in with AJ in the BB running into 22, which made has set on the turn. 10 hands later I went all-in with J7 to run into the mighty 10 6s. He hit a 10 on the river.

SNG4: 9th
Got cripled in hand 26. I called an all-in with again AJ. This time the villain had 88. No help for me. I should incorperate the advice of Rob into my game and not so often call an all-in.

SNG5: 3th
Needed this one for my confidence. Got kicked out when my AQ failed to beat K10. K on the turn, Q on the river.

SNG6: 9th
Getting frustated. This hand really pissed me off.

SNG7: 3th


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