Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tuesday and Wednesday results

Like posted I will my post my result and analyze my play when I did not end ITM in a SNG.
During the last 2 days I played only 6 SNGs. Today I watched Azer - Belgium and England - Croatia. Unfortunately both England and Belgium did not qualify for the EC.

The Tuesday session:
SNG 1: 3 place

SNG 2: 4 place.
Hate it to be the bubble boy but overal I played well. Was very quickly short stacked due to this hand. I ran into a set made on the flop. Stupidly enough I keep on placing c-bets and luckily I did not go all-in when I made my second pair on the river. Doubled up 20 minutes later when my 55 held up against AJ. To get crippled again when my steal attempt with KJ ran into KQ. My all-in story stopped on the bubble when my AK was beaten by a fucking 58s. Even making the FH on the river.

Profit of the day: -1$

The Wednesday selection:
For long time it looked like it was going to be my second losing day in a row but a win in my last SNG whipped out the losses of today and Yesterday. In my first 3 SNGs I played like a real donk.

SNG 1: 7th place.
And again a c-bet failed and for or the other reason I could not lay down my hand. I should have know that I was already beaten but I kept hoping on the straight. So within the first 11 hands of the SNG and I already donked away one third of my stack. WTG fish. So I managed to stay alive for another 19 hands when this happened.

SNG 2: 10th.
Not even worth of analyzing. Did not know what I was thinking. Hand 19 of the SNG. My pre-flop raise is OK. The call of the SB should have ringed some bells. But why the hell do I go all-in after the flop? Still a mystery!

SNG 3: FIRST. Phew

SNG 4: 5th.
Pretty much card dead during the complete SNG. Only saw 54 hands in this SNG. Won some small pots, lost some small pots. Did not even have hands to do serious steal attempts. So when I decided to push all my remaining chips into the middle I ran into a straight. Tried to post it on but I always got back the error: that this is not a valid hand history.
Starting a new hand (#1202269141)
Texas Holdem NL 150/300 - 2007-11-21 21:53:28 Server
Table Tallinn, 109885651 Trny: $5+$0.50 ID: 929154791 Place: 5 Win: $0
Seat 2: tom111185 ( 661 )
Seat 3: maik1492 ( 2,190 )
Seat 4: Dremeber ( 830 )
Seat 8: elvis68 ( 9,689 )
Seat 10: kks2007 ( 1,630 )
Dremeber posts Small Blind 150
elvis68 posts Big Blind 300
Dealing cards
Your cards Ad 9d [Dremeber]
kks2007 folds
tom111185 folds
maik1492 folds
Dremeber goes All-in 680
elvis68 calls 530
Dealing Flop Tc Ah 6d
Dealing Turn Tc Ah 6d Js
Dealing River Tc Ah 6d Js 3s
elvis68 shows Qs Kd
Winner is elvis68 1660

Profit of the day: 3$.

Good luck at the tables,

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Rob1606 said...

An important point: it is only a continuation bet if you show strength preflop! Otherwise it is simply a bluff. But with few opponents, a bluff is justified of course.

SNG2: With 4th pair on the turn, I probably would have given up the hand there. Unlucky to hit your second pair on the river.

Wed. SNG1: with a weak draw like that it is better to check behind and take a free card. Your turn bet is fine!

Final hand there: do not call all-ins! It is fine to go all-in if you are first in, but never call with a hand like that.

SNG2: yes, very dangerous, but after his check you almost have to make a play for the pot, and there is not much you can do but go all-in.

SNG4: Surviving 54 hands is not so bad. I think you are often in the money at this stage. Note that you do not need hands to steal, only position.

MrPink72 said...

Like this idea of posting sng's that did not end up itm.

Will look into them.