Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cash attempt 2 and Titan

First lets start with the bad news. I suck at cash games and a lost my last part of my BR @ littlewoods yesterday. I can't believe that I really suck at this part of Texas Holdem Poker. So, I decide to take another attempt and uploaded a new 25 GBP. The problem is that I have to fund my account @ Littlewoods via my C-card, cause they don't accept my online bank but hey it is almost Xmass so I consider it as a gift for myself.

But I have set some rules.
- I have to ignore the fact that I'm chasing a deposit bonus from which the validity end at the very beginning of 2008.
- I will only play cash games with this money, so no headhunters, no SNGs, no MTT.

And as always my starts was very promising. Only played 56 hands today but had one monster hand. Taking down a pot of $26.79. Sweet. I ended the session with a profit of $7.46 cause I lost one buy-in with KK (ran into Pocket Pair of Aces).

Cause I wanted to start with a plus I switch to Titan and decided to play a 36 seater 5$ SNG. It was ages ago that I played one of these but it paid off. Second place. Not a win but I was close. When the opponent was at the border of elimination I call his all-in with AJ, facing his A8, but the 8 on the flop saved him.
Cause this second place brought my BR above 100$, I decided to guide another $25 to a safer place, creating a bigger starting BR for next year.

If I compared my online bank account with the start I'm only missing $20. But cause there is still a healthy $80 on Titan I will have made a profit. Even if I add my losses at the cash tables of littlewoods to the calculation I will have green figures.

Good luck at the tables,

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Anonymous said...

I think i saw that suck out with AK, sweet.