Wednesday, March 19, 2008


A little bit strange. I made a loss at the tables and still I have a bigger BR than in the beginning of the month. This all thanks to the bonus Littlewoods is offering at the moment. Everybody who gathers 375 MPP this month got a 25GBP bonus.

I never have played so much cash hands in a month as this month. In total 4469 hands, good for a loss of 31$. The loss at the NL50 is 63$ while there is a profit of $31 at the NL25.

So maybe I should make the decision to leave the NL50 for what it is for the moment but I will see.


2 reacties:

The Eureka Kid said...

Nice blog you have going here. How are the games on Crypto? I always get tilted by the slowness of the software. Would you like to exchange blog links? Hit me up at if you are interested!

Sir Nemo said...

I must say that I need a nice lesson on terminology and acronyms associated with poker. I have no idea what NL50, MPP or GBP mean lol. Nonetheless, very nice blog you have here. You have very nice results with your SNG's though(i understood that one haha). Although I don't quite understand why you play for such small stakes.