Monday, July 21, 2008

Fighting back

Wrong place, wrong timeFighting back is always harder than making the original profit. Don't know why but it is.
In the past few days my BR has increased again to a miserable $79. All of this profit is made on NL50. Don't know what I'm doing at that level but I'm there. I should step down back to NL25 ans I don't know why I'm not stepping down.

Personally I don't see much difference in playing NL25 and NL50 besides that stakes of course. The advantage of NL50 is that I'm clearing my bonuses much quicker but this is a lousy reason to stay playing at that level. While the I know that NL 50 is way above my BR I probably won't move down until I'm starting to make some decent losses there and then it is too late.

Total BR was 2 days ago, 178 EURO. ($282) The weak $ is helping European players. But we have to life with this fact.

Good luck at the felt!

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