Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back to square 1 and Pstars

Okay, it is going downhill. In the past few days I lost 33% of my Titan BR and my complete Unibet Poker BR. So time to shift gears, step down a level a return to my favorite PokerRoom. In the hope that the Poker Gods will credit me for that move.
I know that it sound incredible but almost all my losses are based on 1 and 2 outers against me. And of course all on the river. But hey I only have (had) a small BR and there are more important things in life for me. Okay, I'm trying to collect enough for a decent LCD but if I don't I don't. There are far more important things in life.

The main reason to move to Stars is that they have a double reload promotion. 40% in stead of the regular 20%. So I now have 180 days to clear 680 FPP to clear my $34 bonus.

Besides the poker side of life, the rest is going great. I got a raise above my expectations and last friday I picked up my new car. A great Ford Mondeo. I will publish some pics later on this month.

More luck at the felt than me,

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