Thursday, April 16, 2009

status update

The most important of all is that I'm enjoying playing online poker again. So the break did me well.
I also have the strange feeling that my level of play is increased (like that was hard :)). Can't explain why. It could be that I'm more relaxed when I'm playing, have more patience or that the break gave me some other insights.

It currently stands on $101. Not bad concidering that I cashed 2 days ago 25% of my BR back then, dropping my BR to $80. I was having a bad day, played horrible and probably was chasing to much. So I decided to bank some money. Which always brings me back to my original problem. I just can't build up a bankroll on Stars. I keep on banking, withdrawing everything in a tilt session (which isn't actually so bad) and loading up again when I'm ready for it. I'm still underestimating the power of a well filled/equiped BR. It should drop the pressure inmensily. It is a vicuous circle where I am in! I should not bank the profit so easily. First I should create a nice bankroll, which allows me to play what I want, when I want. Curious if I ever can escape the circle of cashing/funding.

Stud MTT
I did play some more Stud tournaments. I did end-up ITM in around 60% of them, which I consider darn good. The problem is that for the bigger bucks you need to end within the final 3, and 5th place is at the moment my best result! So, still a lot of progress which can be made.
I now also fully understand that it is important to do an inmediate re-buy, even before the first hand is played. This gives you an advantage on the players, who don't. I'm still doubting about the add-on. At the moment I still have the rule, that I only buy the add-on if I still have a clear chance on getting ITM. So let's say that before the add-on I should be within the top 50%, otherwise it smells like chip dumping.
I have never collected so money points for the MTT leaderboard as this month and we are only half way.

Holdem MTT
Also started to play the $5.50 Texas Holdem MTT. Full of fishes. The best proof of that is that I ended 3 times out of 4 attempt ITM. Okay, the winnings aren't big, but every nickle helps.

Holdem SNG
Yep you are reading it right. I'm also back where I started. SNGs.
The difference is the buy-in and the number of participants. I'm giving it a shot at the $6.50 18 and 45 seaters. If I played focussed and concentrated enough I should be capable of boosting my BR by playing these. But that's the theory, we will have to wait how it turns out in real!

doing something without having a goal is most of the time useless, so I will force myself to set some goals for the reminder of the month:
- Don't cash any money from my Stars account! Only when I did Tilt of the BR reaches at least $175. In the latter case I'm allowed to withdraw a maximum of $30. This way I did recover my uploaded funds from a week ago. Already did withdraw $59.
- Win at least one $6.50 45 seater or at least podium finishes.
- Win at least 3 18 seaters.
- Cash in at least 5 other MTTs (Stud and Holdem)
- Have fun, have fun, have fun!!!


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