Monday, April 20, 2009

Runner, runner, runner, runner flush ...

... It does happen. And it is always against me. This time after so many 3, 2 and even some 1 outers against me (in about 15 SNGs) it was the drop that flood the bucket. So with one SNG ongoing I decided to cash-out my complete bankroll!

Luckily I came second in the other one, leaving me behind with a bankroll of $32.something. Just enough for 5 buy-ins. Have to spend them wisely.

On the other hand I may not complain, cause I made a profit of over $200 in the last 60 days, which is an excellent figure for me! Strange with this in mind that some stupid donks with unreasonable calls can make you go into tilt mode! Or am I the donk? Possible and in some hand absolutely true, but in general just above donk level!

I update my stats of the 18 and 45 seaters. Not excellent results but I can cope with them, specially with a loosing streak of 10 SNGs at the 18 seaters.
We will see how it will progress from here.

I will keep you posted!

3 reacties:

Mike said...

Good Luck and good to see you blogging again.


The 80th Minute said...

Thx! Coulnd't stay from poker and/or blogging.
Just have to set realistic target and even more important keep myself hidden for the Tilt monster1

Anonymous said...

I've started playing some 9 man SNG again and some of the beats are LOL!

If you want some hints on how to play the 45 man games on Stars, go to 2+2 forum and search for TheLipoFund.

He recently did a "Well" post and posted a video of him 4 tabling the 45 man agmes.

Search for him on Sharkscope to see how sick his is, especially considering he plays 20-30 tables at once!