Friday, May 15, 2009

Where did my profit go? Did you see it?

Don't know what happened but I lost it. With IT I mean lots of things. Like my luck, the ability to learn poker, the ability to pick the right moment, my coolness and so on.

Yesterday I lost a staggering 80 bucks, which meant a decrease of my BR with more then 60%. WTF!!!
I tried playing 18 seaters, 45 seaters, 2 in one session, 4 in one session, and single tables. But nothing worked!

I cannot blame variance. I only should blame myself. Making incorrect decisions, using the all-in functionality to much (for sure a new leak in my game), afraid to play some opening hands. On the other side, each flush possibility against becomes a flush, the same with straights but what staggers me most is the number of sets I ran into, failing myself to hit one.

In the end I tried cash tables, where I did see my aces cracked, running into 4-of-a-kinds and so on. With other words: not a success!

So drastic measures has to be taken. Maybe you can compare it with the financial crisis. Maybe I was playing SNGs at a buy-in level where my BR wasn't adequate for. A loosing streak then immediately crushes it. Putting a higher pressure on you to get ITM the next one.
I still have $45 left. (Still plenty poker cash elsewhere but that's besides the point) So meaning that I could only play 6 more SNGs at the $6.50 level. If I step down a level or 2 and move back to the $3.40 level I could give myself 7 attempts more, so I should do that.
This also implies that I have to postpone my challenge at the $6.50 level but I'm confident that I can continue this after the summer holidays. In the old days I always started with a BR of around $50 and always played at this level and always made a profit in the end. The strange thing is that I'm still making a profit at the $6.50 level. $27 during 82 SNGs. I hope that stepping down will increase my confidence, my profit per SNG and in the end my overall profit.

But I have to put this beside me and focus on the game. Not playing more than 2 SNGs at the same time. Back to the basis!!


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Steve H. said...

Added your site mate, give us a link back and join my list of followers. thank you Steve H

kulderzipken said...

Stop cashing out.
Build your roll to 1k before your next cashout. Will be much more satisfying.

The 80th Minute said...

I know that's what I should do but for some or the other reason I still feel the urge to cash out when A. I'm tilt or B. I can cash my invested money.
Will give it an attempt!