Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blame it on the Stars

Well I'm recently undergoing a down swing. So as a result I didn't play a lot in the last few days. Probably a wise decision cause the Tilt monster was trying to catch me. Due to this down swing and a $50 withdrawal my BR decreased to a miserable $120. So less than 19 buy-ins left.

In stead of playing I did replay my last 8 SNGs to see if the down swing was caused by bad play or the RNG of Stars. Well I think I can blame it on the stars.

2 twice my Queens were beaten by a set of threes. 2 times well hidden and with a flop with all cards lower than my pocket queens. Maybe I should have discovered some signs but I didn't. The question which arise is if this is a bad beat or not. Personally, while my feelings do have another opinion, I don't think so. Most of the stack was pushed into the middle of the table post flop, when the set of 3s already were a fact. So my bad!

Other SNGs were destroyed due to donkey calls of the villains. With 6 people left at the table (so around 12 to 13 players left in the SNG) I got dealt AK. Cause my stack was less than 10 buy-ins I decided to push, to see some asshole calling with 67s. This call should have left him behind with a stack of 100, but he doubled his stack when the flop was 667, sigh. Okay, it is a race but still how can you call a push of a tight player (didn't play more than one hand before this) with 67s.
The other one did even hurt more. Situation is almost the same as above but this time I got called with a fucking 23s. Come on, get real. Stars should close down accounts for calls like this. A fucking 3 on the river sealed my faith.

I'm in a situation were I just can't win races, where the hole cards are rubbish and the donks get rewarded for their stupidity. 3 and even 2 outers are no exceptions. AQ gets beaten by Q2, with a 2 on the river and so on. I can say that I lost faith in the RNG of Stars.

I hope that lady luck thinks that I have been punished enough.
After 2 weeks I did clear some 30% of the FPPs needed to clear my bonus. 120 SNGs more to go before I get rewarded. Plenty of time left.

Maybe better the focus some more on the 18 seater, cause stats indicate that I should end up more ITM in these compared with the 45 seaters!


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Zyke said...

Sometimes its normal that you lose, take a break and better luck next time. The more important is that you will enjoy the game. This is what gambling is meant for.