Thursday, February 22, 2007

Poker blog listing

Hi all,

I have started a Poker Blog Listing. The idea is that as many as amatuer Poker bloggers register their blog on this listing.

My poker playing is luckely improving.
Since my last post I have played 29 SNGs, ended up 14 times in the money and won 5 of them. The SNGs I play at the moment are:
* 0.90$+0.10$ at Unibet -> 8 SNGs -> 4 ITM (50%) -> 1 win
* 0.09$+0.01$ at Unibet -> 12 SNGs -> 4 ITM (33%) -> 1 win
* 1$ + 0.20$ at Titan -> 9 SNGs -> 6 ITM (66%) -> 3 wins (one back to back)

The best strategy for the Micro SNGs at Unibet is to register and fold any hand within the first 20 minuts. A lot a player are then elimated which makes the table a lot more playable. Cause the stakes are so low, a lot of player do an all-in within their first 10 hands. From the moment they have an ace, you can predict the reaction.

I'm currently also building up player notes, which makes life a lot easier. But you can only trust them if you played a player multiple times.

I'm glad to see that some people used the 50$ no Deposit bonus of Titan Poker. Whish you all the luck with the free money.

I'm searching for other big No Deposit bonussen, check back later this month.

My current bankroll is: 24.71$.
Not much but it is back increasing :)

Good luck and see you at the tables,

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20kmission said...

Hi Dremeber,

nice blog,
I'm doing a blog at the moment where im trying to move up through the microstakes cash tables, starting from 1c/2c.
You might be interested in it. I used to play a lot of sit and gos before but now i'm giving a serious attempt at the cash tables.


KajaPoker said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. The link to the list is wrong though. It should be:

RGC2005 said...

Thanks for dropping by the grind. If you want too link back all you need to do is either add:
to your link list and will automatically add you to my link list.
Join the Blogger Poker Tour:
I did add you to my freeroll list at for leaving a comment. If you don't have an account their feel free to click:
They have great low limit action with lots of fish. No reason you should not make great progress on your bankroll.

snoopy1239 said...

Thanks for contacting me. If I add your blog to mine, pls could u add blondepoker (httP:// to your list of links?


RGC2005 said...

Hey Dremeber.
I have your freeroll ticket and password. Drop me a PM on the forum.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I was wondering where I can find your Poker Blog Listing. It says you were doing this in February 2007, is this something you are still planning to do?